Adi Chandra irreplaceable Although Blunder

Adi Chandra irreplaceable Although Blunder – Adi win – PSPs have completed all the first round match of Group I First Division this season . Of the seven games that followed, Adi Chandra irreplaceable position in goal despite PSPS blunder .

Latest , because this Unri PS blunder keeper , narrowly failed to gain points as PSPs PS Kwarta met in the first round match at the Stadium pemungkas Kaharuddin Nasution Tassel , Saturday ( 10/5 ) . PSPS when leading 2-1 , Adi Chandra misjudged the free kick Arifan Fitra Masril . Ball loose from its catch .

Fortunately , PSPs can finally secure the three points thanks to goals from Ahmad Ihwan in the 79th minute . ” With the turnover ration of three players , risky to replace the goalkeeper , ” the coach said PSPS , his relative Philep Maramis Hansen , Sunday ( 11/5 ) .

Not this time , Adi Chandra made ​​a blunder . When your opponent Duta FC Pro worse . Pro player kicks the ball FC Ambassador remotely through diselengkangannya easily . As a result , when it lost 0-2 PSPs . But , Adi Chandra again believed to be the starter when the opponent Persiraja and PSAP .
Cara membuat manisan kolang kaling
In fact , in the current squad Sorcerer Askar , registered two other goalkeepers that Susan and Geri Prayudi . Both goalkeepers only be heating bench , included in the test match .


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