This MINI car Claimed the World’s Longest

This MINI car Claimed the World’s Longest – Adi wins – Synonymous with a compact form , it turns out the British car , MINI , also can carry many passengers . How can it be ? Therefore , the MINI is different . Eight meters in length .

MINI Cooper Limousin . This car is not a MINI factory default , but the result is modified by the owner , Kamran Akram .

Reported by Dailymail , Friday, October 10, 2013 , a car similar in size to the double-decker bus is claimed to be the world’s longest MINI cars .

“People ,Manfaat kolang kaling especially children and they love every look of this car past them or in public . They take photos , and came to chat . They look really excited , ” said Akram .

Akram , who is a penggusaha , choose remodel MINI in Las Vegas , USA . To modify the MINI car , he claimed to have to spend $ 65 thousand pounds , about R1 , 1 billion .

Although modified , when designing , Akram would not characteristic of the iconic cars of Queen Elizabeth ‘s country of origin was missing , from front to back .

To be more modern , the interior of the car is equipped with a Dance Floor complete with disco ball , champagne fridge , and a TV and DVD .

The car is called ‘ The Italian Job gone mad ‘ is also claimed to be capable of traveling at speeds of up to 100mph , aka 160 km / hour .


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