Science , science , or science is the whole conscious effort to investigate , discover , and increase human understanding of the various aspects of reality in human nature . [ 1 ] facets is limited in order to produce a definite formulas . Science gives certainty by limiting the scope of his views , and the certainty of science obtained from limitations . [ 2 ]

kolang kaling

Science is not just knowledge (knowledge ) , but it summarizes a set of knowledge based theories are agreed upon and can be systematically tested with a set of methods that are recognized in a specific field of science . In the light of philosophy , science formed as people try to think more about their knowledge . Science is the product of epistemology .

Natural science can only be sure after the field is limited to the terms of the bahani khasiat kolang kaling ( material only) , or the psychology of human behavior can only be predicted if the view is limited to the scope of the general terms of concrete human behavior . With regard to this example , the natural sciences to answer questions about how the distance of the sun and the earth , or the science of psychology to answer whether a girl fit to be a nurse .


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