Buah ciku

Manila sapodilla (Manilkara zapota) is a long-lived berry bushes. Your shrub and it is berry is well know through various names for example sapodilla (Ind., Jw. ), Point or perhaps single point manila, or perhaps ciku (Mly. ).

Brands in numerous languages​​: tsiko (Philippines), ciku (Malaysia), chikoo or perhaps sapota (India), sofeda (Bangladesh), xa po che or perhaps Hong xiêm (Vietnam), flat-mi (Sri Lanka), lamoot (ละมุด ) within Thailand, Laos and also Cambodia, Nispero (Venezuela), sugardilly (Kepmendagri Bahamas), naseberry (West Indies), sapote (Nicaragua), sapoti (Brazil), sapotillier (in French) and also Sapodilla (English). daun mangga
Huge bushes and also tone, can get older to help 30-40 m tall. Reduced branching, stalk rough-skinned brown leafy manila blackish bleak to help dark brown. Every one of the components containing latex, milky bright sap can be thicker.

Single leaf, can be alternate, generally gather in the top branches. Normal edged leaves, a bit furry, darkish environment friendly lustrous, round-egg form rectangular to help relatively lanceolate, 1. 5 to help 7 back button 3. 5 to help 15 cm, the camp plus the idea shape of the actual sand iron, stemmed through 1 to help 3. 5 cm, the actual abnormal veins The main have towards the bottom.

Single bouquets within axillary panicles found nearby the idea associated with branches, stalks 1-2 cm, generally hanging, bloom size ohydrates / deborah 1. 5 cm, furry brown leafy on the outside, berbilangan 6. Petals tend to be established within a couple bags; the queen’s form clapper, bright, reveal approximately 1 / 2 along the actual tv.

Buni short-stemmed berry, around, oblong or perhaps rectangular, 3-6 back button 3-8 cm, red brown leafy to help becomes yellowish on the outside with coarse brown leafy scales are an easy task to peel from the lemon, generally with other pistil stalk dries for the idea. Thin-skinned, with sore flesh and also often memasir, red brown leafy to help becomes yellowish, sweet and also moist. Seed starting to help 12 details, although most are a lot less than 6, smooth oblong, lustrous black color or perhaps brownish, long-lk. two cm, bits of bright feel beans. cara memerahkan bibir dengan kunyit This grow is usually disseminated through seed starting or perhaps transplant.


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