This MINI car Claimed the World’s Longest

This MINI car Claimed the World’s Longest – Adi wins – Synonymous with a compact form , it turns out the British car , MINI , also can carry many passengers . How can it be ? Therefore , the MINI is different . Eight meters in length .

MINI Cooper Limousin . This car is not a MINI factory default , but the result is modified by the owner , Kamran Akram .
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Reject the UN and PKPI Recapitulation Commission Determination

Reject the UN and PKPI Recapitulation Commission Determination – Crescent Star Party (PBB ) and the Indonesian Justice and Unity Party ( PKPI ) are both not can go to parliament for the vote unqualified parliamentary threshold ( 3.5 percent ) in the legislative elections ( Pileg ) 2014 . Thereby , the second the party did not carry a single candidate for the legislative seat Parliament .
In an open plenum recapitulation of vote counting national election held on Friday , May 9, 2014 at Commission headquarters , the National Election Commission to set both the parties had each only received 1,825,750 votes and 1,143,094 votes, or 1 , 46 and 0.91 percent of the total votes.
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